Ankara Agreement Additional Protocol

5. The measures in this article do not affect the rights and obligations arising from bilateral agreements between Turkey and the Member States of the Community, as these agreements provide for regimes more favourable to Turkish nationals. 2. Turkey endeavours, if necessary, to avoid barriers to trade within the Community, to take all appropriate measures to resolve practical problems that may arise within the framework of an association agreement or preferential agreement on trade between Turkey and the countries linked to the Community. Each party informs the other party of all trade agreements with the German territories in which the Basic Law is not applicable to the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as the terms of application. Each party ensures that the implementation of these agreements is not contrary to the principles of the association and takes appropriate measures to prevent the other party`s economy from being affected. 3. The contracting parties undertake not to limit, without the prior approval of the Association Council, the provisions they apply for transfers related to invisible transactions contained in Annex III of the Treaty establishing the Community. 1.

In order to facilitate the importation of certain products from countries with which Turkey has bilateral trade agreements, Turkey may, with prior approval of the Association Council, grant tariff quotas at reduced or zero rates if the functioning of these agreements is seriously affected by the implementation of this protocol or by the measures taken under this Protocol. 1. Applications for funding that are not submitted by the Turkish government cannot be accepted without the agreement of that government. 4. The obligations of the parties are binding only to the extent that they are compatible with existing international agreements. To this end, each party communicates, at the request of the other party, any useful information regarding the agreements it has entered into and which contain customs or trade provisions, as well as the changes it makes to its external trade agreements. Where such agreements or amendments may have a direct and specific impact on the functioning of the association, appropriate consultation is held within the association council to take into account the interests of the parties. 1. When the Community concludes an association agreement or preferential agreement with direct and specific consequences on the functioning of the association, an appropriate consultation is organised within the Association Council to enable the Community to take into account the mutual interests covered in the Association Agreement between the Community and Turkey. Knives with cutting knives or not (including knives), other than knives of No.

82.06 1. Contracting parties refrain from introducing new quantitative import restrictions or measures of equivalent effect. 7. If the Association Board finds that imports of non-liberalized products have been significantly below the open quota level for two consecutive years, this quota is not taken into account in calculating the total value of quotas. In this case, Turkey lifts restrictions on quotas for this product for the Community. While the free movement of workers between the Member States of the Community and Turkey is being phased in, the Association Council can re-examine all issues relating to the geographical and professional mobility of Turkish nationals, including the extension of work and residence permits, in order to facilitate the employment of these workers in each Member State.