Kroger Standard Vendor Agreement 2020

11 tickets according to the Kroger order apply to the product, including specific ticketing rules and fees: Print the correct information on the ticket (for example. B price, SKU, class, UPC). Place the ticket on the right products. Place the ticket in the right place on the products. Apply suspensions according to Kroger command according to the information hanger on Fred Meyer`s Business-to-Business website: Correct Color. Size and type. View the size properly applied. Custom prepackage and packaging products, as stated in the order: Amount of fall and amount of internal packaging as indicated. Exact number of units.

Pre-sorted as indicated. Do not send partial falls. Package Lists Lenders are required to prepare package lists as shown below: Prepare a package list for each Kroger order, to include Kroger order number, type of credit/stock number, UPC, quantity ordered, quantity delivered and debit address. Note: Softgoods product packaging lists must also include the UPC/SKU number, colour, size and total amount delivered in style. Make it clear which box contains the package list. Note: If you are agreed, prepare individual stock packing lists and a consolidated packaging list if delivery is indicated for several storage stores. Attach paperwork to the lead box. Include the quantity and cost of pallets when products are delivered on pallets for which kroger is charged. Case Marking The minimum requirements for case marking may vary depending on the following factors: Product category (national vs. import) Installation provided for the use of GS1-128 label cardboard with authorized ASN printing, must be readable and clearly visible in a storage environment (at least 4 feet from the product).

Pre-printed or pressure-sensitive labels can be used instead of direct color application. Trap tags that must be positioned to be visible from the outside of the finished pallet. Each label applied must meet the content, positioning and legibility requirements set out in this standard. Page 11 of 32 For fiscal 2020, Kroger made a profit of $1.907 billion on annual revenue of $122.286 billion, an increase of 0.4% over the previous budget cycle. Kroger`s shares were traded at more than 32 $US per share and their market capitalization was valued at $25.9 billion in April 2020. [78] 2 THE KROGER CO. STANDARD VENDOR AGREEMENT FOR MERCHANDISE (PRODUITS) VERSION JANUARY 2015 SIGNATURE PAGE Signature Signature the following signature and acceptance of the standard supplier contract for the Merchandise (products) January Vendor version (name of the corporation): Business Entity Type (z.B., Corp., LLC, etc.): Seller`s name as on invoice (DBA) represented: Vendor Taxpayer Identification Number (EIN/SSN): Kroger Vendor Number: Vendor Contact Name/Title: Vendor Contact Address: Street / Suite: City / St / Zip: Vendor Contact #s: Phone: PhoneCell: Vendor Emergency Contact Name/Title: Vendor Emergency Contact Address: Street / Suite: City / St / Zip: Emergenc Vendory Contact #s: Phone: Cell: Fax: Signatory Name/Title: Signature: Kroger Representative Contact Name/Title: Kroger Contact Address Representative: Street / Suite: City / St / Zip : Kroger Representative Contact #s: Phone: Signature: Signed Date Please check the statement below: The supplier has read and agrees to abide by this agreement. The supplier has read the terms and conditions of the agreement as amended by the supplier`s proposed amendments as amended and agrees to do so. The supplier is aware that no additional or modification of this agreement will come into effect until it has been signed by the seller and an authorized representative of Kroger. The delivery of the Seller`s products after the date of receipt of this Agreement is considered to be the acceptance of this Contract by the Seller without modification, unless Kroger has exported an additive that is attached to this signature page.