Tax Receivable Agreement Imputed Interest

SECTION 7.14. Representative of the TRA party. By the implementation of this agreement, each party is regarded as irrevocably the representative of the TRA party as its representative, its representative and his lawyer, with full power of substitution, to act from and after the date of this agreement and to do all things and to execute, on behalf of these parties, all documents that are necessary, comfortable or appropriate to facilitate all matters under this agreement, including, but not limited to: (i) the execution of the documents and certificates required by this agreement; (ii) except to the extent expressly provided for by this agreement, in which communications and communications are transmitted in accordance with this agreement; (iv) the management of the provisions of this agreement; (v) any agreement, declaration of waiver, amendment or amendment that the representative of the TRA party deems necessary or appropriate in its own words under this agreement and the execution or provision of documents that may be necessary or appropriate in this context; (vi) amending this agreement or one of the instruments to be provided to the company`s debtor under this agreement; (vii) to take actions that the representative of the TRA party is expressly entitled to take under the other provisions of this agreement; (viii) to negotiate and compromise, on behalf of these TRA Parties, any dispute that may arise from this Agreement and the exercise or omission of the exercise or omission of the exercise of the agreement, this agreement or any other agreement it intends to consider and the implementation of transaction agreements, dissemination or other documents relating to this dispute or any other corrective action; and (ix) the intervention of lawyers, accountants, agents or consultants on behalf of these tra parties, as part of this agreement or other agreement contemplated by this agreement, and the payment of the associated fees. The representative of the TRA party may resign after thirty (30) days after the written notification to the subject. All reasonable and documented expenses and expenses incurred by the REPRESENTATIVE of the TRA party in his capacity as representative of the TRA party are promptly reimbursed by the Corporate Taxpayer on behalf of the account and the appropriate assistance of the representative of the TRA party. To the extent permitted by law, none of the representatives of the TRA party, one of its related companies or any of its directors, senior executives, employees or other representatives of the representative of the TRA party or the affiliate (an “insured person”), liable or liable for damages or anything else to the TRA, OpCo or Corporate Taxpayer party for damages resulting from an act that was taken or omitted by the TRA REPRESENTATIVE party or any other person who has entered into an “LLC agreement” with respect to OpCo, OpCo`s second limited liability social agreement, amended and rewritten on or off the date or beyond, means that this agreement may be amended, In the Up-C structure, the company forms a C company and takes capital on the public market through an IPO.