Victoria Police Eba Agreement 2015

As part of its independent review of gender discrimination and sexual harassment, including predatory behaviour, the Commission completed an assessment of gender equality in the agreement reached by Victoria Police. It found that the agreement could result in indirect discrimination by limiting women to flexible positions. For more information or if you have authorized your mediation, please contact our tertiary placement coordinator, recommendations will be made by the PRSB member after reviewing the merits, justice and good awareness of the dispute and taking into account the terms of the corresponding enterprise agreement. Or by email to “But we got a fair and fair pay increase of 12 percent, or 3 percent a year on the four-year contract. The agreement also contains a declaration of intent on gender equality and diversity. The wage agreement avoided police union action. Credit: Jason South Police Minister Wade Noonan said that it had been a long time since an agreement had been reached without union action and had been achieved through good faith negotiations and respectful negotiations. Police union secretary Ron Iddles said he was proud to get a union action-free agreement for members who put their lives at risk every day at work. As a collaborator, you help promote and support the organization`s strategic initiatives.

You can do this by helping police officers at the front of the line provide the resources they need to carry out day-to-day activities to ensure a safer Victoria. At the request of the Chief Commissioner (or his or her representative) or a person who is entitled to the corresponding agreement (including police officers, protection officers or the Australian Police Federation), the PRSB will review the dispute and present a report and recommendations to the Chief Commissioner. The Chief Commissioner intends to implement the prSB`s recommendations in accordance with point 11.4: “The PRSB`s decision is binding on both the employee and the employer.” “Victoria police are doing an extremely difficult job.” The agreement will reward front-line members who will do hard yards, shift the organization`s focus on more flexibility, including performance-based appointments, will offer a better focus on leadership… and to ensure the mobility of the workforce in the company,” said Mr. Noonan. The agreement in principle is subject to the approval of officials. It also found that officers were able to climb through the ranks, despite “problematic attitudes” that contributed to harassment and discrimination, because the agreement does not require that these values be taken into account when an officer applies for promotion. Students are housed in participating police stations and services, where they have the opportunity to observe and learn from our police officers, protection officers, protection officers and VPS staff. Applications should not be filed directly with a Victoria police station or police service; No rankings are organized outside of this program. Opposition police spokesman Ed O`Donohue said it was important for an agreement to be reached, as there may never have been a more dangerous time to be a police officer. For more information on the JA program, please visit the Youth Central website:… Other instructions for this process are made directly available to vocational teachers.